A Small Business Guide to Understanding Digital Marketing Channels To Ensure Success


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As a small business owner, the first step to creating a digital marketing strategy is learning about the different channels to generate brand awareness. However, sometimes you feel caught in all the marketing jargons floating around in the media. 

Small business owners need to understand digital marketing tactics before searching for online marketing companies.   

Social media marketing

According to studies, approximately 58% of Australians refer to social media the first thing in the morning. It is not shocking that 63% of small to medium business owners believe their investment in social media marketing will lead to increased sales. 

Content marketing 

In a nutshell, content marketing for a small business is a form of marketing that emphasises creating, publishing, and distributing informative content online for a target audience to draw as much customers’ attention as possible. 

Content marketing helps increase brand awareness, interest, and sales in the long run. It means making consumers reach your doorstep and convincing them to purchase your services. 

Search engine optimisation or SEO marketing   

Search engine optimisation involves understanding what your potential customers are seeking online and organising your website and content, which are relevant. In simple words, it helps to ensure Google can match your site with a user’s search intent. It also allows you to improve your site to increase its visibility for all relevant searches’ users look for on the internet.

Search engine marketing or SEM

SEM and SEO are two different things. Search engine marketing is nothing but the paid version of SEO. Businesses often rely on SEM to advertise their website to appear high on the search engine result pages.  

Email marketing 

While SEO helps businesses reach a broad base of potential customers, email marketing still tops the list. This is one of the most reliable online marketing tactics that enable companies to reach their targeted audience. 

Statistics show that over 55% of digital marketers experience the best ROI from email marketing. 

Video marketing

Including a video on your website has the potential to increase conversion by 80%. Around 90% of customers say they watched a video before making a purchase, and 80% of them got convinced to make a purchase. 

Around 80% of business owners believe videos have boosted sales and user experience. 

Approximately 90% of businesses have used video marketing as their online marketing strategy in the past and will continue to experience success. 

Learning to use the different channels to boost your sales is a must. Since you seek ways to grow your small business, it is wise to use these digital marketing tactics effectively. 

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