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Social media trends also undergo a noticeable evolution as social platforms keep introducing new features and change the algorithms every year. Take Instagram Stories as an example- a few years back, Snapchat introduced a disappearing FOMO-inducing content, but there was no such feature back then. More than 500 million people are using this platform daily on Instagram, and other media are introducing new features.

Hence, it is clear that social media marketing is one of the significant parts of online marketing. Companies offering Digital Marketing Services in Toowoomba also provide social media marketing services to the clients. The rapid changes have brought a new set of challenges for various brands and marketers. They have started to review their existing strategies and add new social media content for better promotion and advertisement. Want to know more about the social media marketing trends in 2021; check out these points now-

1. Live Streams Will Still Remain Popular

The global pandemic in the last year has made many businesses realize that digital marketing is essential for branding and beneficial in social distancing and avoiding coronavirus. Hence, the face-to-face meetings have turned to ZOOM conferences, and live concerts now turned to live streaming for artists. It is seen that when Italy was the COVID hotspot, the viewers on live streaming had increased to about 30% or more in just a few days. As per the Sprout Social Index, 40% or more consumers want to experience live videos from different brands.

2. Social Commerce Keeps On Growing

As the social media platform is changing to enhance your viewing experience, you can see more features and tools that support easy shopping. For instance, if you check Instagram, it allows you to add product tags and enable an easy payment gateway without leaving the platform. Similarly, on Facebook, you can set up a shop where people can browse and buy the right product they are looking for.

3. Inclusivity Will Matter More Now

Brands are now working hard to make meaningful strides to include them in the business process and marketing. Audiences have become much more aware that they have more options leading them to invest money in the companies that invest in various communities where they are passionate about. So, in the year 2021, inclusivity has become much more common and significant criteria, which help to establish a much stronger connection with the customers.

4. Augmented Reality Is A Trend Now

As with virtual reality, recent events are using augmented reality like social space. Augmented reality does not need additional software except smartphones, making it much more useful than virtual reality. It is much more interactive and practical for building customer engagement.

5. Purpose-Driven Campaigns Have Become Quite Popular

As social media has always driven user engagement for any cause, the global pandemic has made it much more practical and effective. So, this year, you will see more brands helping through various purpose-driven campaigns. For example, Unilever has taken to provide emergency support services.

These are the top 5 social media marketing trends that you will witness in the year 2021. If you want to perform Social Media Advertising in Toowoomba, better to hire a professional from GRIVITY.