Does Your Small Business Need Mobile App Development Services?


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app development services Toowoomba

Are you a small business owner? Are you still not sure whether to opt for a mobile app for your business or not? Still, most small business owners do not seem to realize how much untapped potential lies in mobile applications. These are the true means of marketing your business. Failing to recognize that fact is likely to leave you behind.

Mobile applications and mobile app development services in Toowoomba can do wonders, especially for a local business like you.

You might be at least considering whether your business needs an app or not. With about 1.4 million apps each in the App Store and Google Play, you might be thinking the market is saturated, then why take the leap?

Why opt for a mobile app when you already have a website?

You might have already invested your time and valuable resources into building a website. Also, you might think that all your customers are covered through the website and they get all information about your brand whenever they want. While it makes sense, but ask yourself the questions mentioned below:

  • Does your all-inclusive website let you know when someone walks in your door?
  • Can your website offer special perks and discounts with strong social influence?
  • Does your website send push notifications to customers when they are within a certain radius of your online store?
  • Can your website customize the shopping experience for customers?

These are a few examples of the marketing value a mobile app can bring to the table. Thanks to the in-app capabilities, like biometrics, geolocation, sensors, and cameras, the possibilities are almost endless.

Mobile is king

If you have been into business for a while now, you may know that mobile is where the action is. Since 2008, the average mobile user has gone from spending a few minutes a day on mobiles to spending about three hours a day consuming digital media. Soon, in 2014, mobile use surpassed desktop use for the first time, and that trend continues to grow since 2020.

If you have a mobile website, why do you need a mobile app?

Businesses limiting their mobile presence to a responsive website tend to risk the “buy and bye” scenario. A customer finds you on the internet, makes a purchase, and disappears forever. 

On the other hand, businesses that solely focus on marketing through a mobile application might lose potential customers altogether.

The most successful businesses focus on using their website to engage potential customers, convince them to install their app. That means they are generating an opportunity for ongoing, profitable relationships by creating engagement, developing loyalty, growing social reach, and delivering highly customised shopping experiences.

Developing your mobile app with a skilled developer

Launching your mobile application is not enough; getting your customers to download and use it takes a unique approach and hard work.

While in the past, small businesses have been reluctant to jump into the mobile app market, today, competing in the mobile realm has become a necessity for businesses of every size. Having a mobile website is equally important, and you need to recognize the importance of a mobile app as well. It will give you the edge over the competition.

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