GRIVITY just turned one. It is bright and colourful.


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Gurdeep Saroa
Gurdeep Saroa

March 2021 marks one year for GRIVITY as a startup. I still remember the day my son turned one. He stood up, tried to walk, fell over, then got up again and eventually started walking within a few days. I can confidently see GRIVITY following the same path.

The desire to learn.

My last workplace helped me polish my skills and gain many new ones, helping me build stronger relationships and understand people. I loved how I walked into any business, introduced myself, hosted events and got on stage with confidence. I saw myself, as Aussies say, "coming out of my shell". However, I still saw myself being restricted, which helped me make my move and start GRIVITY.

I always wanted to start my own business.

Starting my own business was always part of the plan, but starting during the pandemic wasn't one when the world economy has suffered; many companies were forced to shut their doors. But many businesses going through pandemic took it as a challenge and worked their way through, changed their marketing strategies and pushed it harder than ever before. I have been fortunate to be working with some of these businesses. I call myself a consultant; however, I have learnt a great deal from the businesses and the people I work with while consulting them.

Growing GRIVITY.

Last week GRIVITY joined the Facebook partner program after passing the required criteria and was listed on Facebook's partner directory. This tiny achievement may seem too little of an achievement if you are in a larger media house or an established agency, but it certainly adds value for small startups like GRIVITY.

Taking care of other businesses' marketing did not mean that I could forget about my own business's marketing. Search appearance is vital to any business, and the SEO efforts from the last 6-7 months for GRIVITY are quite noticeable. GRIVITY shows up on page one in more than 80% of the targeted search terms and even ranking on position one for many keywords.

I firmly believe that one cannot recommend something to others if they don't themselves practise it. I had read it somewhere that successful businesses keep aside a minimum of 3-5% of their total revenue for marketing. As silly it may sound, I have continually spent 15-20% of my revenue each month on my marketing because I did not want to die in the first year, but the results are visible.

What does it all mean for your business?

I am passionate and extremely serious about what I do, and GRIVITY was never a hobby project. I am serious about how and where your marketing money is spent and what you receive in return. It is my passion to keep improving and have the answers ready when the questions are asked. But I also know how to raise a hand for a question or raise two when in trouble, rather than putting them in my pockets.

Directly dealing with the businesses has helped me strengthen existing relationships and build stronger new ones. I am incredibly thankful to the companies for putting their faith in me, and I express my gratitude to the people involved. This trust level also makes me nervous, which I have mentioned to my clients over time, but it also encourages me to maintain transparency and do what I am expected to do.

Let's get back to work.

New changes will be continuously implemented to establish a reputable digital agency within the region and branch out. While 2020 has been a successful year for this new startup's survival, 2021 will be the year of growth. This growth will also help with new resources and improved service.