How Does an Ideal Facebook Advertising Strategy Look Like? Should Your Brand Need One?


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Facebook advertising has undergone a whirlwind of change in recent years. The not so surprising fact is that approximately 92% of marketers use Facebook to advertise their brands and services. In the digitally-driven world, the best marketplace for engaging and attracting new customers is the virtual one. The digital marketplace, Facebook, opens up your business to potential buyers in the form of followers.

Facebook advertising is still the preferred place to run paid ads, and for a good reason. After all, Facebook accounts for the largest and the most engaged user-base of any social media channel.

Simply put, there is every chance that your target audience is active on Facebook already. Plus, Facebook's ad targeting is super in-depth, and there is no doubt why should you be on board.

Are Facebook Ads Worth Giving a Try?

By optimizing your Facebook ads, you can make sure that they are worth your while. Facebook offers marketers an array of opportunities to advertise their hero products and services. One of the best ways to grab your followers' attention is by using Facebook advertisements.

By doing your part of researching and implementing the best ads practices, you can get the ball rolling. So, before investing your time and money in a digital marketing company in Toowoomba, take the time to research the best ads practices and understand how they can serve your interest.

Defining your target audience

For beginners, use Facebook as a place to define your audience from scratch. Take specific parameters into consideration, though.

  • Location: Local businesses may find it helpful to target their cities and nearby neighbourhoods where potential customers might be waiting.
  • Age: Create your ads based on the target audience's age.
  • Interests: By taking a deep dive into the likes and activity on Facebook, you can have a crystal clear idea of your target audience's interests.
  • Demographics: Additional details like education may help you craft advertisements relevant to the customers.

Choosing the Suitable Ads

Just like you have endless options for targeting ads, when it comes to choosing suitable ads, you may become spoilt for choice. First, you should consider the goals of your Facebook advertising tactic. Awareness, consideration and conversions are the goals we bet. These goals will help you decide the route to take. That means you are likely to craft the right ad type with the right goals.

As of now, there are three major categories of Facebook ads you can choose from, including carousel, video and story ads.

For instance, high-performing carousel ads with eye-popping messages enable a brand to showcase multiple products simultaneously. Likewise, some brands are doing great with Facebook stories by compelling followers to click.

Sorting Out the Ad Creatives

For any ad campaign strategy, being dull is going to take you nowhere. Facebook is no exception. The more entertaining your ads are, the less they feel like ads.

Use video, by all means! Videos are the most engaging tool for showcasing your best items, ideal for generating awareness and catching users' attention.

Use compelling call-to-action. To make the hunt for clicks easier, use a strong call-to-action. Thus, you can encourage customers to take specific actions.

Testing and Tracking the Campaigns

Before diving deep into your Facebook advertising strategy, it pays off to be familiar with the platform first. With a great many metrics to track, variables to watch, you can get a bit overwhelmed. This is why it is necessary to run smaller campaigns first to understand and make slight adjustments accordingly.

Combining Paid Ads with Organic Activity

Sometimes, it is in a brand's best interest to adopt a hybrid social media marketing strategy. That means you want to organically target customers by content and community-building while supplementing the ad strategy with paid campaigns.

By doing so, you have your feet on the best of both worlds. While organic reach is throttled, it is no excuse to neglect the potential of employee advocacy to engage more customers. Of course, paid ads bring conversions to the table; however, organic activity helps you to strengthen the bond between you and your customers.

Understanding Facebook Advertising Metrics

Facebook offers metrics on the performance of your advertisements. That is an excellent opportunity to leverage Facebook advertising for marketers. However, these metrics are sometimes challenging to understand. Understand different metrics and how they work in your favour. Not all metrics are perfect for your circumstances. Hence, we suggest you pick the ones that matter most. Use relevant metrics to make informed choices while taking your Facebook advertising strategy to the next level.

How can GRIVITY help?

With a team of leading social media professionals, GRIVITY proudly serves clients' social media needs. Our well-crafted social media marketing services can genuinely benefit your brand. So, whether you want to run a paid ad campaign on Facebook to drive sales or looking to engage customers through Instagram, we have got you covered. Connect with our digital marketing team now to get started. Or you can visit our site for more details.