Search Engine Marketing: How Is It Related To Search Engine Optimization or SEO?


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Search engine marketing or SEM is an effective way to use paid advertising to give your website higher rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs). It also gives your site increased visibility. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising which you might be aware about already is an SEM practice.

For SEM to be effective, you may need an appropriate SEO strategy. Think of this like this: your SEO strategy will help you know which keywords you should include in your SEM ads. This is to make sure that you are relating to queries your target audience is already interested in.

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Is paid search the same as SEM?

If you can pay for your website to appear higher in SERPs, you may be wondering how SEM is different from paid search.  

The key difference is that SEM is a comprehensive strategy that can cover paid search and SEO tactics. For instance, if you set up a PPC ad but do not take steps to optimize it, that is a standard PPC ad. However, when you optimize your ad content with relevant keywords from your SEO tactic and spend money to display it in SERPs, you are using SEM to develop effective PPC ads.

What does SEM include?

As mentioned earlier, SEM includes SEO best practices and paid search tools, such as PPC.

Apart from that, some SEM strategies even include optimizing for local search results. Hence, your business, products, or services are shown in search queries for users browsing for local services.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the technique of increasing your brand’s visibility and rankings in organic search results. Higher rankings lead to more traffic, increased conversions, and a high return on investment.

SEO best practices are constantly evolving as Google keeps making changes to its algorithm.

SEO versus SEM

The main distinction between SEO and SEM is that SEO uses organic strategies to appear in SERPs. In contrast, SEM uses paid methods. Although they work hand-in-hand, it is important not to use the terms interchangeably, as they do not mean the same thing.

People debate whether one is more useful than the other. Whether SEO is better than SEM or vice versa, the decision depends on your specific business needs. The fact is that effective SEM cannot exist without using an organic SEO strategy.

Moreover, there can be situations where PPC is more impactful than SEO. For instance, if you have decided to launch a new website and want instant visibility, it will be easier to go with a paid ad as it takes less time for your website to be visible in SERPs.

However, it would be harmful to your business to solely focus on SEM, as an organic SEO strategy can still ensure reliable outcomes. You may also want to learn about your target audiences and improve your strategy based on Google analytics.

When opting for the best tactic (SEO or SEM), it is vital to evaluate your specific business needs. Make sure that you fully understand the differences between the two and how you will maintain your efforts.

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