Top 5 Website Development Trends to Check in The Year 2021


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What are the prominent website development trends that you want to see in the year 2021? In this highly competitive market, it is crucial to understand the latest changes and adapt to them, like the digital field. The website development companies worldwide are now staying updated on the upcoming trend. They are developing the websites keeping in mind the benefits of both the users and businesses. For instance, companies that provide the website development services in Toowoomba follow the latest trends on development that are listed below-

1. Development of Progressive Web Apps

The progressive website apps or the PWA is not a new concept. But this technology gained the attention of the developers and investors as these apps have the potential to perform high-quality performance, which is similar to the native apps. The progressive website development apps are written with CSS, HTML, React, Angular and JavaScript. The PWAs are also helpful in sending push notifications and offer users offline access to the cache contents. You might be thinking that why these website technologies are crucial? Ecommerce businesses, news platforms, and organisations with a low budget are making use of them to reach a large audience.

2. Accelerated The Mobile Pages or AMP

The accelerated mobile pages or the AMP is one of the most popular website development trends you will see this year. The best part of this development is to speed up the website's performance and lower down the risk that the user on the site leaves. This technology is somewhat similar to progressive apps. But the main difference is that the pages developed by AMP become much more accelerated due to the open-source plugin. AMPs have optimised pages that can operate fast and have a simplified and straightforward design. The pages are also mobile responsive, and the content is readable.

3.    Automation Testing

Most of the latest technologies you get in the upcoming years aim to make the development process faster and provide the users with a great experience. Automation is the tool on how to reach this objective. The machine learning and AI approach in the development phase will help users build complex projects with small teams or few development experts. Why do you think that test automation is so crucial in the year 2021? The answer is that the digital field is becoming much more competitive. You want to make yourself ahead of them and make your products better than ever.

4.    JavaScript Frameworks

Javascript frameworks have gained popularity and are one of the most used programming languages used by developers. As the frontend and user-friendliness of apps and websites improve every day, 2021 will see a rise in javascript frameworks. This programming language has built-in HTML templates, data management tools, built-in system support, composing design and many other features.

5.    Mobile-First Development

In the year 2021, there will be more mobile devices than the people who will be using regular PCs. There is about 54% of the internet traffic consumed with mobiles and tablets. So, there is no doubt that website development trends are becoming more about mobile screens.

These are some of the latest trends that you can check this year. If you are looking for the best website development services in Toowoomba, you can take help from a reputed development agency like GRIVITY. This company has a good reputation in the market and provides customised website development and design services.