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While Apple leads the pack in terms of revenue, keeping its investors happy, Android has been breaking the norms in innovation and changing the dynamics of the mobile app world.

Android is maintaining the top position as the leading mobile operating system globally, which controls the mobile OS market with around 71% share as of Statista's current update. This number will reach 86% by the end of 2022. With more than 3 million Android applications on Google Play Store, this operating system has become one of the largest and trusted ones by each passing year. Even when it comes to mobile app development, Android leads the race.

As per the experts working on mobile application development in Toowoomba, the android apps are user-friendly and will lead the industry in the upcoming days. If you plan to develop an Android App for your business, you should first know about the latest trends that are ruling in Android App Development. So, in this blog, you will come to know about the top most popular Android app development trends to check in 2021-

Top Android App Development Trends in 2021

Android Instant Apps

We all know that instant apps are common in the Android platform; however, they are still popular. These instant apps generally permit the users to try out games or applications without even installing them on their mobile. These apps prevent users from downloading the app and help them utilize the net fast without even installing it. This updated technology is very beneficial for the eCommerce businesses and gaming industry. These apps do not take up extra space on intelligent devices and reduce unwanted system glitches. The benefit of using these instant apps is that users can use them without downloading, have more storage space and provide compatibility across all the gadgets.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

As cloud computing has brought a considerable computing strength for each one of the businesses, creating the Artificial Intelligence models with regular procedures will help these apps work easier. As per the current data given by Accenture, the modern AI accessible will help in enhancing productivity by up to 40%. However, the training procedure of this technology is quite heavy, and the present trained neural network can also get introduced and used on smart devices without even fulfilling the processors.

Chatbots or Google Assistant

You will see that more entrepreneurs and business owners will get more interested in combining the services and contents of their Android applications with the Google Assistant by the end of 2021. The main benefit of using this type of integration is that you can provide faster ways for the user for using this app straight in the Assistant mode. In addition, the Android Slices, another essential feature, will enable the developers to showcase all the important content from the application to the users of the Assistant. As the number of Google Assistant users' increases daily, mobile app integration with this Chatbot or Google Assistant will be popular among the development teams.

Mobile Wallets

Already, several industries have selected mobile wallets to increase the business experience. Several Apps like the PhonePe and Google Pay are useful mobile apps and payment gateways. These wallets help in targeting the boosting security and accuracy. They also further reduce the manual efforts for an easy and secured transaction.

Beacon Technology

Now large enterprises are making use of Beacon Technology for helping in targeting local clients. These are gadgets that are highly accessible in their range with the given mobile devices. Besides, they help the businesses to send notifications and also other promotional deals to the users. This feature primarily allows Android app developers to incorporate it into intelligent devices. This feature can be highly beneficial for companies like restaurants and other food-related stores. Targeting the local customers has become more accessible with the iBeacon and other marketing devices now.

Internet of Things

For storing data on the internet, smart devices have become one of the most critical tools in our daily lives. Smartphones have become the primary centre for operating intelligent equipment like smart cars, smart TVs, smart bands and wearable tech gadgets. Moreover, these smart gadgets are economical for household tasks. The cost-effectiveness and the functionality of these apps have made them so popular among developers.

5G Technology

As compared to the 4G Networks, the 5G connection is faster. With the high radio frequency and speed of 100 GBPS, 5G reaches a large target base, and the data transmission has become faster than ever. Several feature-rich apps with the use of 5G Technology have been launched that help improves business performance.

Kotlin Multiplatform

Recently, Kotlin has provided the developers with a unique feature- the multiplatform used as the Flutter replacement. This feature is experimental now, and it is accessible in the Kotlin 1.2 and Kotlin 1.3 version. This technology supports systems like Windows, JavaScript, iOS, Android, Linux and so on.

Motion Layout

This is the particular type of layout that the developers can use to handle the widget animation and the motion in the apps. It is compatible with the Android 4.0 version, and it is part of the Constraint Layout Library. It not only explains the transition between various layouts but also enables the layout to animate correctly.

Every year comes with new technology trends and innovations. Checking at the aforesaid Android app development trends, you can say that Android OS is evolving towards a seamless experience targeted to offer the best as per client demand. Want to develop Android Apps for your business? Contact GRIVITY today.