What Do You Understand By E.A.T And Why It Is Important For SEO?


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The topic of E.A.T has been going on in the SEO circle since 2018, and it is one of the crucial factors for SEO rankings. Several companies that offer SEO services in Toowoomba make use of this technique for getting good rankings. In this article, you will know about this most sought-after terminology and how it helps build good SEO ranks.

A few years back, Google has come up with the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines that help in differentiating high-end websites from poor-quality websites. The search engines used to formulate the document for the entire team who worked in monitoring and evaluating the websites that come on top of the search engine results. So this week for an authentic website has good quality content, and for achieving this, the digital marketers consider three factors, i.e- E-A-T.

What do you know about E-A-T?

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness; the digital marketers mostly analyse all the factors in search queries. For example, if you are going to search for cars, you will like to see all the types of cars currently available in the market. It is a subjective search as you can get all the details of the vehicles in one place. But if you particularly want to know about one car and its features, you need to have the authentic and right information about the vehicle.

Here is where Google plays its role! It will check the authenticity of the content and will not allow any unreliable website to come up in the search results. Google is also concerned with the YMYL or Your Money Your Life topics. This is because some of the subjects are directly impacting the overall well-being of a person.

What Is The Role Of E.A.T In SEO Rankings?

Suppose you ask any user what they want in the website and the reply could be either uniqueness of the site and the contents. The contents should be creative, authoritative, informative and also reliable and easy to read. The way users perceive the site is analysed by Google that impacts the overall rankings of the website. This, in turn, brings about more traffic to the site. Thus it is very important to write good engaging content to attract more readers to the site.

So, Is E.A.T An Important Ranking Factor?

Google usually scrolls the website to know the extent of the backlinks. They can also easily make computer programs that provide you with the right ranking on the page that helps create good quality backlinks. However, the issue with E.A.T is that the computer cannot understand human language, and thus it cannot rank the pages; E.A.T only understands the bit and bytes.

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