Display Advertising

Target and re-target your most valuable clients with Display Advertising based on their online behavior and engagement with your brand, websites or marketing campaigns.

Display Advertising

Display advertising or banner ads are a highly effective way for a business to increase brand awareness by placing their brand in front of their most valuable clients. These ads help businesses share their products/services by utilising graphics, images, logos or text.

Google Display Network offers innovative ways of custom audience targeting and retargeting.

Why use display ads?


With immense data on hand about the online behaviour of the users, we pick and choose the audiences with the highest intent to engage with your brand. Our tried and tested strategies engage with your target audience and increase your brand presence effectively. 

These strategies help us deliver the campaigns efficiently, so there is no wastage of your resources. Users who fit in the right demographics are served your ads wherever they are living their lives online. They might be reading a blog, checking the weather, reading news online or playing candy crush on their mobile device.

There are thousands of available websites and apps where your ads might appear. While utilising all of these resources, we also ensure that your brand image is maintained. During the setup process and while running the campaign, we make sure that the ads appear on reputable websites.


To achieve more significant results, we consistently monitor and optimise the campaigns. Tracking a site visitor whenever they visit a website and later serving them ads is what Display Advertising does.

Yes, these ads are called stalker ads too; data is the king here.

How can GRIVITY help?

We are here to deliver the best for your buck, build and increase brand awareness, reach your relevant audiences and generate conversions for your business.

Ask us how you can increase brand awareness and conversions by using a mix of highly targeted advertising. We offer SEM, Display Advertising, SMM, Websites, SEO, Software, and Mobile Apps.

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