Online marketing budget calculator

Find out how much you will need to spend on your next marketing campaign.

Your projected monthly budget

What is your monthly budget?

Start with your planned budget or an estimated amount. After adding all the other metrics, you may want to return to the budget and try changing the amount to view how it changes your profit estimate.

$500 $50,000

Expected cost per click (CPC)

What are you willing to pay for per click?

Average CPC depends upon the ad network, industry, targeted audience, competition and many other factors. It can range anywhere from $2 - $30 for most businesses SMBs. Use Google Keyword Planner to get an estimate if you are planning for Google Ads.

$0.1 $50

Target Conversion Rate

What percentage of your website visitors convert into leads?

Averagely 2-4% of the website visitors lead to enquiries. If you do not know your website conversion rate, Google Analytics is the best place to look at to learn more.

0.1% 50%

Average Sale Price

Average value of a single converted lead?

This value may differ as per the individual business sales process, customer value, single transaction or subscriptions etc.

$100 $100,000

Lead to Customer Rate

What is your enquiry to lead percentage?

How many enquiries convert into sales. Use the most relevant figure.

1% 90%


Estimated Clicks


Estimated leads


Cost per lead


Lead value


Expected revenue


Expected profit




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