Achieve best reachability and visibility with our SEO services

High value organic traffic

Achieve best reachability and visibility with our SEO services

SEO is significant for better reachability and visibility, yet its benefits go way beyond just that. Developing and designing a website gets the ball rolling, but ultimately it is the SEO that brings you closer to your target audience.

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Quality back-links

Machine-learning signals

Optimised on-page elements and content

Better user experience

Search engine optimisation by GRIVITY

We help to ensure your website ranks well organically for most valuable keywords for your business. Our continuous optimisation ensures that your website is mobile friendly and user friendly.

Search engine optimisation by GRIVITY

Mobile optimisation

Our SEO services ensure that your website is mobile optimised, is responsive and loads faster on mobile devices.

Page speed and page size optimisation

Page speed is one of the most important factors which effect your website conversion rate. Our SEO services help reducing the page size by compressing elements and improving the overall speed of your website.

Keyword optimisation

We research, analyse and use the most valued keywords for your business. Our competitor data analysis helps us identify and suggest more relevant keywords to your business.

Link building

A powerful SEO technique to increase your digital footprint. We develop trusted and quality back-links expanding your brand's exposure.

Content optimisation

We ensure your website reflects your brand values and the content published on the website is useful to the end-user, reducing the bounce rate.

Media optimisation

Content used on your website needs to be relevant to the topics or your brand. We optimise the media files to make them search engine friendly, increasing your chances of organic ranking.

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Say hello to Jeeva.

GRIVITY's 24/7 live reporting dashboard.

Still, receiving lengthy emails trying to explain how your campaigns are performing?

Say goodbye to those monthly email reports sent to you by your marketing provider and say hello, to our 24/7 live and interactive marketing dashboard. Log in with your details and access individual campaign reports to view how your marketing campaigns are performing. Jeeva is exclusively designed reporting dashboard for GRIVITY to provide in-depth data, user interactions, campaign performance and much more. Access all reports from one dashboard.

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