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Influence the buyer behavior

Effective social media marketing services by GRIVITY

Our social media marketing services help your brand influence its most valuable clients by showcasing your brand with effective targeting and re-targeting.

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Creation of quality content

24/7 live dashboard

Advanced targeting and re-targeting

Constant analysis of results

Social media marketing services by GRIVITY

We are passionate about social media marketing and develop effective campaigns for businesses that increase your brand exposure and increase sales. We help you measure success along the way with our live reporting dashboard called Jeeva.

Social media marketing services by GRIVITY


With more than two billion users, Facebook has enabled businesses to connect with their targeted clients and increase brand exposure.


Engage with most active users. Build your brand presence and increase the bottom line with Instagram marketing.


Connect with LinkedIn professionals by sending a direct message to their inbox or showcasing your brand and building trust.


An average user spends 100 minutes a day watching video content. YouTube enables marketers to target audiences when they are mostly engaged in watching video content.


More potent than radio, Spotify is a preferred choice of many music listeners. Spotify marketing tools enable your business to share its pre-recorded message.

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